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I seek to expose & emphasize the aspects of life that shape each piece of salvaged wood - these characteristics provide a guiding light and determine the medium's resultant form. I merely interpret the map that has been placed before me.

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Epilepsy became a part of my life during my first semester at Texas A&M...

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...300 students bore witness as this life-changing event made its debut during a political science lecture. The following five semesters were a struggle as epilepsy took hold of my mind and body. Recurring seizures, abrupt changes in medication, ambulance rides, and various appointments intertwined with lectures, homework, and the numerous extracurricular activities required of the nuclear engineering program.

The unyielding onslaught of seizures and lack of alternatives ultimately drove me to elect brain surgery as the next viable option. Extensive pre-op testing indicated that the case for a successful surgery was almost certain... yet the operation was a failure. With no answer to epilepsy but a stapled skull, a lengthy recovery, and an excessive list of medications that offered little other than harmful side-effects, the future looked bleak at best. Six months later, during a bout of acute depression, a new medication was found that finally broke the indomitable grasp epilepsy had on my life.

For three years, I devoted myself to the nuclear engineering program at A&M. Upon returning from a pivotal trip to study overseas, I found I was no longer content with the direction my life was taking. During a break the following semester, I reconnected with the wonders of craftsmanship and labor that had sculpted my life prior to college.

The rest is history....

In retrospect, the high-stress environment and lack of sleep that college demanded was a dominate factor as to the frequency and severity of my epileptic attacks. This new lifestyle has allowed me to greatly reduce the overall dosage of medication and pursue an active life with relatively few restraints.

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It all starts with an abandoned pile of refuse.

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Beauty is quite a bit further than skin deep.

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As unique attributes are exposed, the form is unveiled.

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An 18 month hiatus will provide ample time for each piece to become acclimated to it's new environment.

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Turquoise accents the irreplicable beauty of natural imperfections.

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The reflective properties of the grain are unleashed.

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Depth of character is revealed.

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Ready to deliver.


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Cell: 512 787-9368